The AHPN Dataset

The AHPN Dataset is an event catalog of political activity coded from the confidential records of the Guatemalan National Police located at the Archivo Historico de la Policia Nacional (AHPN) in Guatemala City. The records provide an unprecedented look at the inner workings of a repressive organization, and reveal a unique source of data on government and dissident behavior.

                                          – Municipal Month Data

                                          The Digital Archive

                                          – Background Article (English)

                                          – El Derecho a Saber (Spanish)

  • Please cite Sullivan, Christopher Michael. forthcoming. “Undermining Resistance: Mobilization, Repression, and the Enforcement of Political Order.” The Journal of Conflict Resolution.
  • Support for the collection of the AHPN Data was provided by the National Science Foundation, The Social Science Research Council, and The Kellogg Institute for International Studies

Massacre Data (Coded from the Commission for Historical Clarification’s Case Files)

  • Please cite Sullivan, Christopher Michael. 2012. “Blood in the Village: Local-Level Determinants of State Massacres.” Conflict Management and Peace Science. 29(4): 373-396.

Census Data (from 1972 and 1981)

Proximity Matrix of Guatemalan Municipalities

CIIDH Casualty Data

Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland Research Initiative

The Northern Ireland Research Initiative (NIRI) is a disaggregated events-based dataset relying on new sources of conflict data to include a broader range of events and interactions over the period of the Trouble in Northern Ireland (1968-1998). NIRI includes multiple data sources by state and non-state actors as well as both violent and non-violent events to increase our understanding of violence during the Troubles and the relationship between conflict and repression more broadly.

                                          – Project Website

                                          – Contact NIRI for information on advanced data acccess 

  • Please cite Sullivan, Christopher M., Cyanne E. Loyle, and Christian Davenport. “The Coercive Weight of the Past: Temporal Dependence and the Conflict-Repression Nexus in the Northern Ireland “Troubles”.” International Interactions 38.4 (2012): 426-442.
  • Support for the collection of the NIRI Data was provided by the National Science Foundation